The Challenge

To help consumers see Vertu as an all-round luxury brand offering cutting edge technology, outstanding craftsmanship and most importantly, exquisite services.


The Solution

  • Roll out an extensive media engagement programme. One-to-one intimate media engagements organised to raise awareness and educate media on the range of luxury services offered by Vertu. 
  • Enable journalists to experiment product first-hand in order to demonstrate how the services added a unique element to the brand offering.  
  • Handle regional PR coordination across Southeast Asia.


The Results

  • Measurable increase in media articles focusing on Vertu’s services as well as the phone itself.
  • Editors of target media now have a much clearer understanding of the brand and its services.
  • Ate’s work secured Vertu a position as a Finalist in the category 'Excellence in Public Relations', at Marketing Magazine's Marketing Excellence Awards 2012.