The Event

Ate marked our 8 years of operation in 2014. Strategically poised to showcase the best of our integrated communication abilities, we developed a huge celebratory event across collaborations with partners within 8 pillars of lifestyle – Food, Beverage, Art, Design, Music, Architecture, Entertainment and Retail. We believe the trend for integrated campaigns will be the future of brands.

“Local is Lovely” was the theme behind the first instalment of Creatory which, because of its success, has been targeted as a biennial event. In 2014, more than 70 locally loved brands, participated in the 3-day festival, creating a vibrant and unique atmosphere with occasional limited edition offerings. Rooftop dining, live music, live graffiti, edible art were some of the activities available to attendees. Through one festival, Creatory was able to effectively reach multiple audience demographics with various lifestyle preferences.